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{ACCEPTED} - Application :: Nick Greathouse


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Pubber Name: Nick
Steam Unique ID:  STEAM_0:0:137638738
Enlisted Full Name: Nick (N. Greathouse)
Recruited by: Lazaro

Previous Units and Ranks:
Reason for Leaving:

Do you agree to the server rules: Yes 
Do you agree to the enlistment requirements: Yes 

Special talents that could contribute to the unit: i have played dods for 15 years. I play with Lazaro, Fear, and Monty in 12s all the time. And Tyler ( Cannibal)

Edited by Koolmees 8th ID
Didnt add my last name
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  • Koolmees 8th ID changed the title to {PENDING} - Application :: Nick Greathouse



Hello Nick Greathouse,


Welcome to the 8th Infantry Division realism unit!


Thank you for playing on our servers and showing interest in becoming a member of our unit. We hope you enjoy your stay with us enough to stay active in the game, Discord, and the forums. We promote members through our ranks based not just on skill in the game but also on our community's activity and helping run the day-to-day operations of the 8th ID on the forums.


We do not require a certain amount of monthly hours to remain in the 8th ID. However, we track activity in the servers and reach out if there is an extended period where your activity is low. We do require you to participate in at least one realism event every month. These can include open realism, scrimmages against other units, practice, or casual events.


Your other requirement is to read the TACSOP (which you have hopefully already read) and follow all rules and procedures listed.


Upon entering the 8th ID, your starting rank will be Recruit. As a Recruit, you are restricted to the M1 Garand for the Allies and the K98 Rifle for the Axis side. For more information regarding weapons and the restrictions, please read the TACSOP.



The next step in your enlistment is to get your BCT scheduled.


Please contact S/Sgt. N. Moore  (https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198010852303) to set this up.


If you have any questions regarding realism or BCT reach out to the following:


Realism and Training: 1Lt. R. Rotte (https://steamcommunity.com/id/heeroyuy/)



Once you reply to check-in to your acceptance, we change your forum username to:


Greathouse 8th ID


You will also receive access to the 8th ID forums. Your password will remain the same.



Please change your Steam name and upload the correct avatar. These are required while playing Day of Defeat: Source. You can change them both while playing other games.


Rec. N. Greathouse |8th ID|


Steam Avatars - https://www.eighthid.com/steam/



Join the 8th ID Discord Server (https://discord.gg/ubuYkHhkft) and contact any T/Sgt, M/Sgt, or F/Sgt to get your Discord nickname and permissions setup.



Let us know your general availability for unit events by filling this out: https://forms.gle/BDx9XGqo3vEiUud38



Please join our two Steam groups:





Your forum username will not change until you have checked-in correctly. If you fail to check-in within seven days of application acceptance, you will receive a rejection notice. Once you have checked in, you will need to try and complete your BCT within one week. After completing your BCT and having fulfilled your mandatory recruitment period of two weeks, you will be promoted to Private. You can watch for this promotion in the Division Announcements forum.


Welcome to the 8th Infantry Division!


Date Accepted: 01/25/2023


----- OFFICE USE ONLY -----

Enlistment Process Check-List (To be completed by individual departments):

Please change color from Red to Green Upon Completion

Recruit Check-In
Change Forum Name
Add to Roster
OMPF Created
Setup Discord

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Staff Sergeant M. Koolmees

Recruitment: Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge

Personnel: Assistant














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  • Koolmees 8th ID changed the title to {ACCEPTED} - Application :: Nick Greathouse

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