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    Server Rules


    Public Server


    1. Racist, discriminatory, sexist, or hateful speech is not permitted, which includes any speech that is used to offend any single person or group of people. This also includes words and phrases in player names. This is our ZERO tolerance policy and will result in a permanent ban from our servers.
    2. If you encounter a player you believe is cheating, you can report them via the links provided on Sourcebans. DO NOT accuse players of cheating or hacking in game.
    3. Political or religious discussions, or player names, are not permitted.
    4. Family jokes are not permitted, which includes joking about your own family.
    5. Advertising for other units is not permitted, including recruiting for units outside of the 8th ID on our servers.
    6. Spamming the microphone is not permitted.
    7. Voice chat is restricted to English only.
    8. Friendly fire is on. Please watch your fire around teammates when no enemies are present.
    9. Sprays cannot contain any type of nudity or pornography.
    10. Do not block paths with unbreakable or hard-to-move objects (pianos, wardrobes, etc.).
    11. Listen to and follow the instructions of all admins.
    12. Server starts on dod_donner. Flags will be turned on at 6v6. Rotation can begin at admin discretion after 10v10.


    Failure to adhere to these rules will result in your immediate removal from the server.

    Realism Server


    1. All rules from the public server apply to the realism server (Except Barricading).
    2. No Floating (positions must be as realistic as possible).
    3. Prop Boosting is allowed.
    4. Full Barricades are allowed.
    5. Full Weapon Pickups.
    6. No Skyboxing Grenades.
    7. Roofs are not allowed unless specified by the realism leader.
    8. AVA is rifles & pistols only, no proning and no camping more than 5 seconds
    9. Do not use any map glitches or exploits
    10. Stay in spawn on attack until the round is live.
    11. You are not allowed to pass mid before !live for any reason.
    12. The Realism Leader has the final say.
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