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    Tactical Standard Operating Procedures

    Welcome to the 8th Infantry Division’s “Pathfinder” Tactical Standard Operating Procedures (TACSOP for short). All units within the United States Army, from platoons (44 Soldiers) to divisions (around 17,000 Soldiers), have a TACSOP to standardize their markings, callsigns, tactical operations, and dozens of other things across their formations. This is the 8th ID’s version of a TACSOP. This will give all members a baseline understanding of the 8th ID and ensure we all understand what it takes to work effectively as a unit.


    Respect is our most important rule in the 8th ID; respect other unit members and those outside the unit playing on our servers. Communicating or behaving in a demeaning, derogatory, or abusive way is not the 8th ID way. If you are not respectful, you will receive either a punishment or demerit. Please see the MOTD on both our public and realism servers to better familiarize yourself with our rules. Simply type “!motd” into the chat box to view it.


    First Steps
    Upon being accepted into the 8th Infantry Division there are some things you must be aware of and immediately complete.

    If your application to this unit is accepted, and you appropriately check-in, you will be required to put on the recruit tag; shown as Rec. Your new name on Steam should appear as: Rec. First Initial. Last Name |8th ID| (e.g., Rec. J. Doe |8th ID|). You will also be required to change your Steam avatar to reflect your new unit and rank. You can find those avatars at this link.


    Note regarding name changes: While the name you enlist with is usually permanent, we do, on rare occasions, permit you to change your name. Please note, there is no requirement for people to use their real name while in this unit. Using a fake name will have no repercussions as long as the name sounds realistic and is not offensive. Issues with enlistee names will be addressed in the application process. Any name changes after your application is approved must be done with the approval of a Command Staff member.


    Also, please insert two in-game binds into your Day of Defeat: Source console if you have not done so before. You are required to bind *Salute* to a key, which is also covered in enlistment. To bind it put this in your console: bind key “say *Salute*”. To receive a health boost, if you are below 25 HP, please also bind a call for the medic to a key. Do this by typing the following command in the console: bind key “say_team !medic”.

    Playtime Requirement
    There are no “playtime” requirements placed on members of the 8th ID upon joining the unit. Playing DoD:S as a unit should be enjoyable and build camaraderie. However, while realism is the foundation for the 8th ID, It is paramount for the unit’s success that the public server remains an area of focus. Whether a Major or a Recruit, all members are expected to remain active on the public server during their time in the unit. If the unit’s leadership notices a member is no longer active, those in leadership will reach out to that member to address whether they still wish to be a part of the unit.


    BCT, ACT, and AITs
    Before you can be a full member of the 8th ID, you must complete Basic Combat Training (BCT). When your application is accepted, you will be given a point of contact to reach out to on Discord or Steam, who will run your BCT. This training will familiarize you with the 8th ID, who is in the unit, how we operate, and the basics of playing in the public and realism servers. You will be required to complete BCT within one week of being accepted into the unit. Shortly after your BCT is complete, you will be promoted to Private (Pvt.).


    Once several recruits have completed BCT, an Advance Combat Training (ACT) class will be scheduled for all to attend. ACT will focus on realism basics and help you learn and understand some basic skills needed to fight alongside other members of 8th ID during open and official realism. This will offer you a baseline regarding how the unit operates and increase your ability to be a successful teammate.


    While serving in the 8th ID, you will be given opportunities to complete Advanced Individual Training (AIT). These will be taught by members of the unit who are considered experts at their craft and will cover a range of topics from specific classes in DoD:S, being a server admin, realism techniques, and many others. These classes will be available periodically and are something all members may attend to improve their skills.


    Rank Structure and Saluting
    Once accepted as a recruit, before completing your BCTs, you are expected to *Salute* as you enter or leave a game on our servers when an officer (WO – Maj.) is present or when an officer enters or leaves the game.


    If there are two or more officers in the game (e.g., 2Lt. and a Capt.), you salute the higher ranking Officer, in this case, the Captain. Officers of similar rank will not salute each other although they may *high five* to improve morale. Also, a 1Lt. and 2Lt. do not salute each other, as is true in the real U.S. Army.

    When the higher ranking officer leaves, he will salute. At this time, it is appropriate for all to salute the departing officer.

    Remember, ONLY Salute when you are alive! Not in spec, or dead!


    The order of the ranks from highest to lowest are:

    Major (Maj.)
    Captain (Capt.)
    First Lieutenant (1Lt.)
    Second Lieutenant (2Lt.)
    Chief Warrant Officer (CWO.)
    Warrant Officer (WO.)


    Senior Non-Commissioned Officers (SNCO)

    Command Sergeant Major (CSM)

    First Sergeant (F/Sgt.)
    Master Sergeant (M/Sgt.)
    Technical Sergeant (T/Sgt.)


    Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO)
    Staff Sergeant (S/Sgt.)
    Technician 3rd Class (T/3.)
    Sergeant (Sgt.)
    Technician 4th Class (T/4.)
    Corporal (Cpl.)
    Technician 5th Class (T/5.)


    Non-Commissioned Members (NCM)
    Private First Class (Pfc.)
    Private (Pvt.)
    Recruit (Rec.)

    The current list of who holds these different ranks can be found at the following link.


    Proper Wear and Appearance of 8th ID Tags
    Along with the weapon restrictions, your rank, name, tags, and 8th ID Avatar (e.g. Capt. M. Lanier |8th ID|) must be worn at all times and are required in other DoD:S servers as well. If you are asked to remove your tags, you must immediately leave that server as you must have them on at all times, NO EXCEPTIONS. Tag usage only applies to DoD:S. You can change your name and avatar when playing other games, but you must have your avatar and tags back on before joining any DoD:S server. Failure to follow these instructions can result in warnings, demerits, suspension, or removal from the unit.


    As the 8th ID is first and foremost a realism unit, we request all unit members commit to participating in realism. Realism events consist of official realism (e.g., 8th ID v. 1 MRB), casual realism (e.g., realism night w/ SYP), and open realism (e.g., weekly open to all realisms on our server). The 8th command staff does understand one’s ability to participate depends on several things, including location and availability. If longstanding members of the 8th ID cannot fulfill these commitments, the unit will look at alternative ways for them to contribute.


    Realism Line-Up
    When participating in realism hosted on the 8th ID server or in any official realism, you will line up according to 8th ID standards. As indicated in the picture below, the First Sergeant will lead the formation. If they are not present then the next highest ranking NCO will take control. The unit will form three ranks, the rear most filled by all members rank Pfc. through Rec in rank order. The next being all members rank Sgt. to Cpl. in rank order. The front most filled by all members rank S/Sgt and M/Sgt. in rank order. The following picture depicts how this would look on the 8th ID’s home map, dod_donner.




    During your tenure in the 8th ID, you will have many opportunities to earn awards in the form of ribbons and badges for your contributions to the unit and unit’s success during realism. As you earn these awards, you will find the 8th ID awards standards on the site, showing you how to earn them and how to display them on your forum signature properly. The standards may be found at this link.


    Welcome to the 8th Infantry Division

    “These Are My Credentials”
    “First In, Last Out”

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