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Official Community Realism Tournament Information

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We are pleased to announce that the community realism tournament draft has been completed!  Thank you to all the team captains who showed up to conduct this draft and decide on outstanding rules and maps.  Details below:



  • Each team will have three matches, so that each team can play each other once.  At the end of the three matches, the two teams with the best record will face off against each other for the championship while the next two will play for third and fourth.
  • In the event a tiebreaker is needed, the two teams will face off against each other to determine who moves on.
  • First matches will be the weekend of June 22nd.  We will be skipping July 4th weekend as well.  We would like to have this tournament completed by mid-August.
  • Your team captains will be communicating with you on date/time and server location.  I will be posting frequent updates to remind everyone.
  • Maps will be picked using ban-ban-pick.  For transparency, the map pool is listed below as well as the schedule for each week.
  • Other rules such as weapons, map rules, etc. will be agreed upon by the team captains before the match.




Team Azi11a Team 1st MRB (Martinez) Team 8th ID (Moore) Team 1te (Swo)
Andrade [8th ID] Dilley [1st MRB] Fear [8th ID] Flare
Azios [8th ID] Elf [8th ID] French [8th ID] Garza [8th ID]
Castle [8th ID] Fielding [1st MRB] Lazaro [8th ID] Grenadier [1te]
Crayon [8th ID] Goldfish {8th ID] Nielsen [1st MRB] Hesse_alt
Ekstrand [8th ID] Hocker [1st MRB] Niles [1st MRB] Hoffman [1te]
Lavi Lanier [8th ID] Pipes [8th ID] Marx [3te]
McDowell [8th ID] Marsh [1st MRB] Samuels [1st MRB] Scrappy [1te]
Sasaki [8th ID] Pitteway [1st MRB] Wiggy Shankers [3te]
Savage [8th ID] Sky [8th ID] Wonderpark [3te] Silverneck [3te]
VanDoor [8th ID] Tweek [8th ID] Yoder [1st MRB] Trolli89



Map Pool:


  1. Azure
  2. Santos
  3. Donner
  4. Flash (Regular)
  5. Sturm (Regular)
  6. Stug
  7. Schlag
  8. Kalt 1945
  9. Colonia




Week 1 (June 22nd - June 28th): Moore vs. Martinez, Azi11a vs. Swo - Donner, Azure, Sturm

Week 2 (June 29th - July 12th): Martinez vs. Azi11a, Moore vs. Swo - Flash, Kalt 1945, Colonia

Week 3 (July 13th - July 19th) : Martinez vs. Swo, Azi11a vs. Moore - Schlag, Santos, Stug

Week 4 (July 20th - August 2nd): Tiebreaker and make up weeks if needed.  If no tiebreakers or makeups are needed then championship round.  Map pool will be chosen at a later date.

Week 5 (August 3rd - August 10th): Championship if tiebreaker or makeups are needed.



If you have any questions, please reach out to myself or your team leader.  Looking forward to seeing you all on the battlefield!

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