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  1. Fox


    Thanks Van. And thanks Turner. 🙂
  2. I agree with that! It's the OG, not the adaptation.
  3. Fox


    Hey! I probably will not be around much, if at all, for the foreseeable future. At least in-game; these forums I will stop by here and there, as I'm wont to do. I have more than a full course load this semester (6 classes instead of 5). I'm still working, though I will probably call-off and take the isolation so I don't have to go for a while. I've been in and out of the hospital. Anyway, I broke my mouse and headset a few weeks ago and haven't used my gaming computer since. Just got my laptop right now, and that's strictly for school or internet browsing. Glad to see the 8th is still going strong so many months later since we started it. I hope this good activity continues. This will always be my favorite community. I feel I'll be missing you all, but it seems God has some other plans right now. I'm in a very strange place; it's confusing. I don't know how best to explain everything that's happening. There's too much I'm trying to make sense of right now, and life seems to just be getting worse, and more convoluted. But probably the most difficult thing is never having been more alone in my life than now. The time when I need family most, because none of us are getting any younger, is when I'm hours and hundreds of miles away from all of them for 90% of the year. The time when I need REAL friends the most, is when all of the ones I had are gone, far away. It feels like lying to myself to consider roommates anything other than roommates, or co-workers anything other than co-workers. Just because they don't murder you in your sleep or just because you can talk with somebody you work with doesn't make you friends. A friend is something totally different man. Somebody you've been through thick and thin with. Somebody you've had all sorts of experiences with, and someone you've literally grown together with. A friend is somebody who you can almost communicate with telepathically, who gets and appreciates your sense of humor, who wants what's best for you and will stick their neck out for you without you even asking. It's just not the fucking same; just being "nice", or "easy to talk to", or "funny", or some stupid bullshit like that, does not a friend make. Going away to college to achieve... "something" just feels like trading away priceless, irreplaceable relationships for something totally not worth that cost. By the time I've come back I'll have lost at least 4 family members, have my parents' divorce to deal with, and I'll have a bunch of bridges to repair and rebuild with the few friends I've got left. And what if I just go straight from here to some other place to start my career? What if I never have a chance to be with anybody I love, blood or water, at all? Why is such a path so heavily pursued and pushed by society? A path where you just leave all your family and friends behind and lose pretty much all of them while being too far away and out of touch to do a God damned thing about it? Well, I'm sure I'll come back around eventually, inevitably, even if it's just to find that everybody is gone. This community is one of the few things I have because of my life situation. Just right now I've got too many responsibilities to take care of, and too much real-life shittyness to deal with. Plus I was a little burned out on the video games. So take care. I'll be in touch on here, or Discord / Steam (mobile), and that's about it.
  4. I read my first manga ever a couple weeks ago: Akame ga Kill! Zero (1) Since mangas can be very different from the anime, I am hesitant to read most of them. It's a weird peculiarity of mine, but I seriously dislike having two different versions of a story in my mind. In terms of light novels I am the happy owner of Monogatari's First Season and Final Season. I am waiting for Second Season to become available again on rightstufanime... then it will be complete. They're very faithfully adapted by the anime series. 🙂
  5. A Tide stick for my white pair of Vans. On my keychain is a little container meant for earplugs. Unless I'm going to a concert or going shooting, I keep a folded up $50 in it, in the event that I get mugged, or lose / forget my wallet, or lose track of time during a dance at a stripclub. In my wallet I keep a few wipes for cleaning my glasses. And a condom, which is used about as much as the average gun owner discharges their concealed carry in their lifetime. In my pocket I keep Orbit gum.
  6. I have a Macbeth brand shirt that's exactly like Tom's in this video lol
  7. I've seen them live twice. Once in Cincinatti, my cousin and I ran into them at a restaurant down the street from the venue. Super cool dudes! And a great show too; they played this and then Sweetness for their encore.
  8. Well done! I always look forward to the pub and realism stat pages every month. And the WWII history parts are also great, because I'm a nerd. :)
  9. Will do! I am patiently awaiting for the light novel boxsets of seasons 1 and 2 to come back in stock @ rightstufanime. Sent them an email, but in a response they explained to me that while they are expecting more in the future, they don't know when... 😞 So I only have the final season light novel boxset, atm.
  10. Thanks Smith! Fortunately this got resolved today; unbeknownst to me, last night the support tech I talked to still put in a work-order request, just in case it wasn't my device. I got a call from them on my way to work this morning saying as much. I came home from work today, connected my desktop via ethernet and thankfully it is working at the moment! It appears it was a problem on the ISP's end; something to do with the subnet settings...? idk all the fancy tech language lol. But no, unfortunately I would not have been able to do any kind of reset on the modem or router, and the switches are also inaccessible, to my knowledge. Appreciate the offer to help though. :)
  11. UPDATE: I've DNS flushed, reset everything according to the troubleshooting tips I have found by Googling, done these multiple times via CMD (w/ Administrator Privileges), restarted my computer every single time, and still nothing. I have tried to manually have it connect to the Google DNS instead of having it set to auto-detect. That didn't work either. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the network driver numerous times. I've done every order, combination, and repeated steps so many times, I'm pretty sure that none of these solutions are going to work. Tomorrow I will call my ISP and ask them if they can reset the router or modem or something locally to see if that will resolve the issue. The guy yesterday was convinced it was on my end but I've done and tried everything, including shit that he himself recommended. As of right now, computer --> ethernet / TP LINK wifi adapter --> internet (*not working*) computer --> TP LINK wifi adapter --> SAMSUNG mobile hotspot --> UNITED 2 wifi --> internet (*working*)
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