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Cannot Request Unban on Sourcebans


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Hi. I was banned from your empty server some time ago but can see no record of my name or Steam ID on your sourcebans so I cannot request an unban. The only ban I see which could be me is timestamped and identified as follows:


2021-04-22 17:25:24


I have no idea if that is when it happened but it is the correct flag. If you could please unban me, tell my why I am banned and/or allow me to request an unban I would be grateful. My Steam ID is STEAM_0:0:17835110. Thanks, -Shake.

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There is no SteamID linked to that ban. That ban was to ban a VPN IP a hacker was using. Your STEAM ID is not banned, and you are more than welcome to play on our servers as long as you are not connected to a VPN service using this IP:


That is why you are not able to file an unban request, its because you're not banned. If you have to play with a VPN for whatever reason, pick a different city other than Fremont, California to connect to.



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Thanks. Still says I am banned when I try to connect to your server. I have never played DoD:S on a VPN as far as I can recall, though I could be wrong. I will try different computers and IP addresses when I get a chance.

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