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1st Annual Poker Tournament

Samo 8th ID

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Sup Guys! 


Here is the Official Invitation to our first ever Poker Tournament. I think a good entry $ was 10 dollars. But I'm more than willing to raise it. 


It all depends on how many of us sign up, but when we have all of our entries- I will go ahead and plan the tables and everything else.  


We should all download:




I'll make a tournament and add everyone. So please respond to this thread when you get a chance!


I think the best way is for all of us to send a venmo/paypal to an account and have the money safe in one place! 


Once we know how much money/people are gonna play we will split it for top 3 players.


60% 1st place

25% 2nd place

15% 3rd place



Respond to thread and please add your PokerStars account name! 

Can't wait to go ALL IN!! 




All In Win GIF by Barstool Sports



poker tourney invite.tif

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