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Hide&Seek event 7th January (3te PGD)


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The 3te PGD is hosting a Hide and Seek night on January.

The general rules are:
  • 1 seeker (Axis) the rest has to hide away
  • the hidden guys (Allies) are disguised as items of the map (like a plant pod or a vehicle)
  • usable weapon is the spade
  • who got killed by the seeker, will join the seeker-team
  • after 6 min the round ends/the seeker found all players
HideSeek is a special mod where the americans spawn as object. The axis only play with their shovel, while trying to find and destroy the americans. If you destroy an object which was an american, will spawn this person in the other team and help the seekers to find the other objects.


American, who hides as a flowerpod
Start will be January 7th 
We`ll start the event in the afternoon, instead of public realism.
After a short introduction we`ll launch the Hide and Seek Mod.

All players are cordially invited,
your friends of 3te PGD
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