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  1. Ark Aliens Fireteam Elite Jurassic World Evolution 2 7 Days to Die State of Decay 2 Kingdom Come Deliverance STAR WARS The Old Republic Back 4 Blood Watch Dogs Legion Left 4 Dead 2 Overwatch World of Warcraft METAL GEAR SURVIVE Immortals Fenyx Rising Prison Architect Cities Skylines Company of Heroes 2 Viscera Cleanup Detail Icarus Diablo II Resurrected Diablo III Red Dead Redemption 2 Grand Theft Auto V Call of Duty Vanguard (Will never play Warzone) Satisfactory Farming Simulator 22 Tabletop Simulator Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 Destiny 2 as for this list its just what i have installed at this time there are alot more that i play off and on just not installed at this moment/for now....
  2. to help with some of the vote's here is the list of custom maps that are always on the server no matter the months vote: dod_lennon dod_strand dod_tiger2008 dod_aura dod_santos_b3
  3. They don't have to be built in just an .res file made for that map to allow the dl for the files for the mini map
  4. Most of the automated things you asked for are things that we plan on looking at doing.... the zombie one I need more info on that as in was it players as zombie or bots.... making big maps is do able but will take some time as in few months possibly per map... adding mini maps to maps that don't have one is not plugin based but is something that can be added in.
  5. If u make the whole map itself u can just make wall up the playable area and than the rest can be used as visual background
  6. to do that map on a smaller scale you would have to remove a few buildings more less one per block and it might end up small enough for a map to be playable or it could still be to big
  7. any ways looking at the lay out with the roads this map is fucking huge as in iam making its roads right now lol
  8. I have modified the plugin for medic and removed the call for the sound files of the bandage.wav from the plugin so there is no need to worry about it cause console log errors any more.
  9. That is for map sounds witch only retarts some of the loop sound files in the the map.
  10. Will get looking at that after work has been some time since I have used that program
  11. Depending on sense of humor 7 deadly sins is one I watch.
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