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  1. Great Pod cast guys! I remember the exodus. I didn't know what was going on since i was a SYP member at the time. I just remember playing 6th realism one week and the next week i'm following the people to a new server for realism. It just took off and didn't miss a step. Great job. Glad to be part of the fun. Great jokes Ecky! 🙂
  2. Great Job on the newlsetter all!
  3. I'd wait and compare the specs between the 40 and say a 3080ti. Probably not that much different, ususally.
  4. Good job guys. D Day stuff was great!
  5. I'm a RF/Network Systems Analyst for a Public Safety Communication system. I enjoy gaming, cycling and just goofin off.
  6. Great job again all! Vandoor is almost like Dick Cavett behind the desk!
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