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Anime Viewing Club on Discord! (Interest Poll)


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  1. 1. What day and time set-up would work best for you?

    • Saturdays, 7PM EST
    • Saturdays, 9PM EST
    • Saturdays, 11PM EST
    • Sundays, 7PM EST
    • Sundays, 9PM EST
    • Sundays, 11PM EST
    • I can't do weekends at all. :(
    • Multiple / Other (please explain in a comment below!)

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Hello, I was wondering how many people would be interested in a weekly anime watch-night on Discord. I will start with weekends because that shouldn't interfere with existing 8th ID events. I will tag a couple people who have already expressed some degree of interest. If we can get at least a solid, small group of 6 dedicated people, I'd be more than happy to go forward with this!

Please comment with any questions or suggestions to make this the best it can be! And please also include your availability in order to try and organize this in a way that is as accessible as possible! ^_^

Below I will write out a list of a dozen or so tentative rules. But this thread is more for determining general interest, so not much is set in stone yet.

@Rotte 8th ID@McDowell 1st MRB

Tentative Set-up (subject to change)

-Anime nights will be held on Discord (it has been asked that we do not use the 8th ID's because we will be streaming copyrighted material)

-The weekly event will typically be held for an hour, in which two episodes of any given show can usually be watched. There may be exceptions to this, in the case that an opening episode for a show is longer than the norm, or in the case that a feature-length movie is being shown. Members may also choose to hold longer events, meaning shows can be finished faster but requiring more time to be dedicated by each person; the same can be said if members decide to hold more than one event per week. In other words, this might be very subject to change, as this will be ultimately decided by a super-majority (3/4) of members.

-If half of the members can't make an event, it will be re-scheduled or held on the same time and day of the following week. If this happens twice in a row, a new time and day will have to be devised and agreed upon by super-majority so that the club can get back to functioning again.

-In the event that you cannot make an event but it is still held, speak with the other members / organizer to try and figure out how you can catch-up before the next event.

-Decisions about what to watch should be made democratically in super-majority votes, with the winner receiving 3/4.

-In the case that a super-majority is not reached when deciding on what to watch, then the option with the highest amount of support will win, so long as it is over half.

-When a season of a show is finished, or when a movie is finished, a super-majority vote will be held as to whether or not to continue with the next season of the show or the next movie in the series, should one exist. There is no obligation to finish all seasons of a show or movies in a series consecutively.

-An individual episode, movie, or a season can be stopped at any time if at least half of the participants desire it, and something else can be picked instead by super-majority. In fact, it may be ideal to hold a follow-up vote after the first couple episodes of a new show, to see if people want to continue watching it or would like to try something else.

-The anime being watched does not have to be streamed over Discord by the same person each time. All that must be consistent is the quality of the stream, regardless of who volunteers or is asked to stream. This will make it easier to access anime that may not be available on certain sites, some people may not have an account or membership to a certain site that the anime is on, etc.

-Viewers are asked to put their microphones on push-to-talk or to have them muted, but are free to communicate via chat if they choose (in which case it is recommended that people have their notifications muted so that they don't get a sound every time there is a new message).

-Shows do not necessarily have to be subtitled, although they very likely will be because a significant majority of anime viewers seem to favor sub > dub. No anime that is in Japanese will be viewed without subtitles (duh).

-It should go without saying, but no spoilers please!

-People have different likes and dislikes. If people do not like your favorite anime, that is okay. If people decide to watch your least favorite anime, that is also okay. Do not make this personal. This is for fun, and to find anime the vast majority of club members would like to experience together.

-All other rules in terms of the expected decorum of the 8th ID apply. Please be decent toward one another, regardless of whether a person is a member of the 8th ID proper, a member of the DoD:S community, or otherwise invited by one of us. Nobody likes being asked to leave, nor likes being the person asking, so just be cool and enjoy some anime. :)

Edited by Fox 8th ID

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  • Fox changed the title to Anime Viewing Club on Discord! (Interest Poll)

@Montague 8th ID Yay! 😄

Update: Lanier asked that we find another way to stream it, because it is copyrighted material. I'm not sure how it's any different than streaming a video game in our Discord. But I think(?) we can start a private call, or just use another Discord server since this is an unofficial "8th" event. :)

@Kross 8th ID @Texas 8th ID

Edited by Fox 8th ID

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On 5/23/2021 at 8:08 PM, McMillan 8th ID said:

Interested but ive never watched anime.  Would this be a good idea for someone like me?

I think it could be. You won't know until you try it! Since hopefully there will be a good number of us, like 5-6 people, I think we'll end up voting and deciding on really good anime that are popular and accessible, even to people who are new to anime or don't watch very much of it.

Lanier isn't suddenly a weeb, but he really enjoyed Cowboy Bebop and from there has branched out and watched a couple other things he has enjoyed. You might ask him since he was just in the same boat as you. :)

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"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." - Søren Kierkegaard

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Could all do a private call together in Discord (we'd all have to be friends for that) Or I have that one Guilded project I was working on .. could leverage Guilded for that. (Very similar to Discord, but has dedicated 'streaming' channels)

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