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Conan Exiles: Free To Play May 27 - June 3

Garza 8th ID

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Hello Everyone,

Probably notice I play this game a lot and if you were ever curious about trying it out, its free this week. I find this game fun but it's way better with friends. The game has a lot of cool aspects and I believe is one of the more underrated survival games out there. But, it is definitely not for everyone. So, if you want to see if it's for you, a free week is a good time to try.

Note: The game is pretty large.

Free week with exclusive rewards

Starting today, the 27th of May at 19:00 CEST/ 1 pm EDT, and lasting until Thursday, the 3rd of June at 19:00 CEST/ 1 pm EDT, you can play Conan Exiles for free on Steam!

Gather your friends and play together in the Exiled Lands. Fight vicious beasts, explore dark dungeons, build massive castles, and crush your enemies!

The more monsters and human NPCs everyone kills during the free week, the more new and unique rewards you will unlock. Get your hands on the awesome new Barachan Reiver armor set and Kordovan horse saddle. The unlocked items will be introduced to Conan Exiles for free in the coming months.

Learn more about unlocking the exclusive rewards here.


A. Garza |8th ID|











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Now that I'm back from my little vacation spree I gotta hop back in on this!

8th ID Ribbons/Medals


***** COMBAT BADGES ***** CIB-2-1.png pathfinder-1.png


***** UNIT CITATIONS ***** Meritorious-Unit-Citation-1.jpgPresidential-Unit-Citation-1.jpg


***** 2nd ROW ***** Silver-Star-1.jpg

***** 1st ROW ***** Army_Service_Ribbon.jpgBingo-3.jpg Legion-of-Merit-1.jpg


***** OFFICE INSIGNIAS / CHALLENGE COIN ***** challenge_coin.png Personnel-1.png recruiter-1.png operations-1.png


***** WEAPON CHALLENGES ***** thompson_past.pngredrocket_current.png


***** SERVICE STRIPES ***** SS-1-Year.png


Intra-Service Ribbons/Medals


***** 9th ROW ***** Kc88h8p.jpgDTWOTtw.jpg

***** 8th ROW ***** 8FR6Azk.jpgEtM65D0.png32jSMnW.pngogPq3PP.png

***** 7th ROW ***** tb46yaz.pngrOsJSx5.pngOs0TvTA.pngSrf4IPb.jpg

***** 6th ROW ***** JmZm8bW.jpgN1bA3CM.pngeESmWBI.pngz7oMcp1.jpg

***** 5th ROW ***** pQ7QFfR.png1BVAW4O.jpgoUiJNJv.pngHotitLk.png

***** 4th ROW ***** N7oiHBJ.jpgGUje5In.jpgQrfWMpR.pngF230p7L.png

***** 3rd ROW ***** qHlZ37O.jpgRXNui9M.jpgGvLkNQ2.jpgE8CnupD.jpg

***** 2nd ROW ***** giuUofb.jpgKviw5RC.pngNLzprj6.jpgZh3vEL5.png

***** 1st ROW ***** l4me9Bb.pngcqqKC8S.pnghnriSbp.jpghDv6VGt.jpg


"A foil sword doth not a ninja make."


***** BADGES ***** 8BSRfQm.png liY3wVr.pngXLtjtW9.png3lwUXqg.pngtp040eV.pngfCkVAlh.png5pdSqhi.png

BCT Class 117 | Nov 13, 2009

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