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New Car Smell

Andrade 8th ID

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Glad to see the future holds something promising and bright for all of you


















Previous Positions

Command Staff - Executive Officer
TrainingMilitary Police, PersonnelRecruitmentOperations - OIC

2021 World War II Realism Campaign Organizer


Official Realism Record
Leader - 5-0
Assistant Leader - 2-0

Inner Unit - 0-2

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[mention]McDowell 1st MRB[/mention] I really appreciate you and your fellow unit members reaching out to us and offering to help. It means a lot having the support of the realism community. We all know this game is going to end at some point and we're all trying to squeeze out as much fun as we can before it goes away.

We definitely look forward to working with you, especially with the WW2 Campaign we started at previous places.



Combat Infantry BadgePathfinder Badge

Meritorious Unit Citation w/ 3 OLCPresidential Unit Citation w/ 3 OLC

Prisoner-of-War-1.jpgLegion of Merit w/ 3 OLCDistinguished Service RibbonAmerican Defense Service Ribbon w/ 2 OLCArmy Achievement Ribbon w/ 1 OLCPurple Heart Ribbon

European African Middle Eastern Campaign RibbonAsian Pacific Campaign RibbonWorld War II Victory Ribbon w/ 2 StarsEvent Recognition Ribbon w/ 2 OLCArmy Service RibbonProfessional Development Ribbon

Command Staff

24 Month Service Stripe



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