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Every Day Carry

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Wallet, carabiner with keys, phone, chapstick, Airpods, vape/juice, and polarized sunglasses are a must for me.


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A Tide stick for my white pair of Vans.

On my keychain is a little container meant for earplugs. Unless I'm going to a concert or going shooting, I keep a folded up $50 in it, in the event that I get mugged, or lose / forget my wallet, or lose track of time during a dance at a stripclub.

In my wallet I keep a few wipes for cleaning my glasses. And a condom, which is used about as much as the average gun owner discharges their concealed carry in their lifetime.

In my pocket I keep Orbit gum.

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"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." - Søren Kierkegaard

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I normally carry my phone, wallet, keys, pocket knife, flashlight, rapid tourniquet and my Glock 19 with an extra magazine. In my truck is my go bag that has more tourniquets, some other medical supplies and extra ammo.

I’m looking to upgrade my go bag to include a change of clothes and a few days worth of food (MRE) and a life straw. Water is so heavy to carry.

Typical Texan.



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Command Staff

24 Month Service Stripe



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Uh... Wallet, phone, 1 pen, 1 pencil, 1 pocket eraser, lucky coin, pocket knife, house key with a measuring tape and 8GB usb on the same key ring, and a 56 page 3-3/4" x 5-3/4"notebook with a pocket family photo.





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Purse or diaper bag with phone, ipad mini, wallet, keys, wipes, diapers, snacks, hand sanitizer, airpods, apple watch/phone cord, power bank, hair ties, Tylenol/Advil, Band-Aids, extra outfit for baby, sunglasses, face masks, and I'm sure other things I am forgetting lol 

Before the baby I was a wallet/keys/phone only type of person. 



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Working from home I don't carry much around, because I'm not out a great deal. However, when I do go out, it's Keys, Wallet, Phone, Sunglasses, Knife and my CZ P10c. I do have an emergency go bag in my truck, as does my wife in her car.


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Words Are What Men Live By... Words They Say And Mean - John Wayne


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My carry is the same every time I leave the house:

Left front pocket is my cell phone and a "placker" for my teeth.
Front right pocket is my car key, a black Precise V5 Pilot pen, and my wallet.
My left wrist is my running watch and a remembrance bracelet for SGT Meddock.
My right wrist is a remembrance bracelet for 2LT Rylander.
Wear my wedding ring and my USMA class ring every day.

Only addition, depending on if I can conceal carry in the state or not (which I currently can't in NY), is a back right, inner belt, leather holster with my P226 Elite .40.

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Previous Positions

Command Staff - Executive Officer
TrainingMilitary Police, PersonnelRecruitmentOperations - OIC

2021 World War II Realism Campaign Organizer


Official Realism Record
Leader - 5-0
Assistant Leader - 2-0

Inner Unit - 0-2

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