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Hey VDV!

Y'know I always loved custom maps for the events we do/did: Hide-N-Seek | Fright Night | Frag Me. Frag Me Not. | The Leprechaun Hunt | Zombie Master | The King of the Ring | The Gladiator | Winter Wonderfrag | Orange Day | Medic Mod | Alien v. Predator | The Honored Brave | Wacky Wednesday Wealism, Officers/SNCO v. Enlisted/NCO.

and some for the ones we intended to do, but never got around due cause "reasons": Hoccer | Conquered: A Re-History | Birthday Bash Bowling | Star Wars: Gun Game | Wild West Gun Game Weekends

Can't go wrong there!

But also, some of my more favorite maps always seemed to be urban or villages, like Rive, Avalanche, Husky, and Pier. But I know some of those open nature ones like Foy and Peleliu are popular too.

This probably didn't help. Sorry. lol

A. Garza |8th ID|


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yes its COH2 lol I get a lot of map inspiration from there :) and i wasnt planniong on doing the whole thing as it would be quite large. was more thinking the middle of the town between the 2 intersections and having the main road be midline also letting me make it go a bit further back getting some of the forest in there


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cherbourg and salerno are the WWII maps for the month


















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